Cycle Mail

Keep track of your business emails.

Day by day, massive amounts of emails stack up in your inbox. Because we believe, that inbox zero is not the right concept for everyone, we’ve developed Cycle. With our new email application, you can scroll through your stream of emails and never lose your focus. Mark emails for review and they will show up in your inbox when it’s time. Never lose track of important emails again.

One Inbox

All your E-Mails are in one simple inbox sorted by Date, keep track of all your Mails - whether they are unviewed, unreaded or archived, future or past.

We believe scrolling is important. So we connected the list view with the content view. Both views are endless, so quick browsing and skimming will boost your productivity.


You want to read an email at a later? Press the well-thoughted review-button and use the review Slider to chose relative time or set at a particular time.

Quick Reply

Emails often require action. Even when there is no time to solve the problem, your clients will appreciate a fast response. Use the quick reply feature to send short notes. Cycle displays it on top of the current email. This way, you areable to scroll and refer to the actual content. Of course, you can also reply in a new window.

Filter & Search

One Filter to rule them all. Our omnipresent filterbar is more than just a simple searchtool. You will use it as an intuitive and fast way to organise your scope. You'll find very quickly, e-mails, people or files. Through the ability to bookmark your filtersetting! Save Your Searches easely.

Media Preview

Cycle previews all your attachements. When using the Filterbar, you could use your mail app as simple Mediabrowser. So you will nerver miss any File.

Mirander Springs is a famous Wedding Planner. On a daily basis, she gets a lot of emails from customers, from photographers, from catering services, location managers and also from their accountant.

The goal of cycle is to solve different problems in the professional use of email: The number of messages in Inbox should be minimized, the progam should have a clear simple interface and should be easy to be operated - without work in a deep program structures. Our wireframe model mainly should clarify, how interaction processes could work properly.

Cycle is a concept for an email client for business users. It has been designed by Christopher Pietsch, Florian Schulz and Gunnar Friedrich as part of the course “Re-Mail 2012” under the supervision of Prof. Boris Müller at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, in winter 2011.